Score FX

Musician‘s Life, Juni 2008



There are many ways to connect audio and video for example in creating a musicvideo, creating commercials or doing the post-production for a movie and score already existing material - frame for frame. For this work Score FX shall be a good supporter (...). Let‘s see which genres can be covered by Score FX.


Score FX uses complexe sounds and sound designs.


The samples are a good mix of different moods but the majority is heading towards dark, thrilling and mystical moods. Really “happy“ sounds are not covered.



Score FX is a good pool of samples that can easily be used. The possibilities of the engine allow you to design and edit the sound and still keep the high quality. All in all for a moderate price.


You can‘t do anything wrong with this one if you are looking for such sounds. (...)



Markus Cremer


translated by Wenzel Mehnert (Ueberschall)