Score FX

keyboardmag, 12/08




Content-wise, there’s a lot to love. The beds, pads, and accents cover a vast musical landscape, from brooding, ethnictinged drones and chilling soundscapes to heart-pounding action sequences and downright terrifying atmospheres. Other highlights include a generous set of effected ethnic woodwind and vocal phrases, which call to mind Hans Zimmer’s collaborative efforts with Lisa Gerard on films such as Gladiator. Orchestral ensembles are used to good effect, giving definite Hollywood cred to a number of the construction kits.


Score FX’s production quality and musicality is uniformly excellent. (…) Score FX will inspire countless ideas and deliver the caliber of results that profes



Hard disk space 6.78GB.


What’s in it? Construction kits, loops, and one-shot samples.

Standout points Beds and atmospheres have an ultra-current, Hollywood sheen. Good separation of construction kit elements.


Score FX
Score FX
149.00 €
7 GB, 28 Kits, 1995 Loops & Phrases