Jazz Colors

Sound & Recording, November 2010

Can sample Jazz be sampled? Ueberschall has managed to create something like a collection of snapshots in order to use typical jazz elements in productions. The 3.3 GB of loops and licks were recorded by professional musicians in proper style and can definitely be used as a basis for hip-hop and lounge projects. Popular jazz styles including Swing, Bebop, Latin and Smooth Jazz are represented, and many traditional instruments such as double bass, sax, trumpet, flute, brush drums, etc. are used. Each of the 20 construction kits comes with five variations of Intro / Ending, as well as A, B and C Parts. (…)

translated by Andreas Reinsch/Ueberschall

Jazz Colors
Jazz Colors
99.00 €
39.00 €
3.8 GB, 18 Kits, 1507 Loops & Samples