Indie Rock

beat, March 2011

Indie Rock is the latest addition to the ever-growing sample archive of Ueberschall. In the 3.8 GB sample library massive drums meet growling basslines and driving guitar riffs while melodic synths set accents throughout. Each of the 18 construction kits contains complete instrumentals arranged containing two different parts, break, intro and outro in an excellent sound quality. Since the complex miked drums are present as individual tracks, you can create complex arrangements in a few simple steps. In particular, if songlayouts or movie and advertising music have to be made in a short time, this inspiring collection is recommended.

translated by Andreas Reinsch/ueberschall

RATING: 6/6 (Beat editorial staff's choice)

Indie Rock
Indie Rock
99.00 €
49.50 €
3.8 GB, 18 Kits, 1507 Loops & Samples