Art Of Sounds
Sound & Recording, Februar 2011



The DVD is divided into construction kits, ambiences and drum kits. In the first folder you will find the usual combination of mixes and individual tracks. Ambiences provide more mixes that are readily produced. The kits are more like drum loops on the bottom bar and the individual sounds on the following.

The construction kits are again divided into different moods. The titles of the presets are similarly obscure and strange as the samples themselves: Here, a very creative sound craftsman manufactured mysterious, dark and extremely synthetic small pieces of music that are likely to fit perfectly in every dream or asylum sequence. The samples appear strangely spacial, though they refuse to use ostensible effect orgies or giant hall rooms. Instead, everything contributes to the gloomy, yet groovy impression. (...)

Yes, so you can make great movie music with this product. But only if you can cope mentally with the sound ...


translated by Andreas Reinsch/Ueberschall

Art Of Sounds
Art Of Sounds
99.00 €
1.06 GB, 679 Loops & Samples