Art Of Sounds
Keys, Juli 2010


(...) This library combines experimental sounds and beats that could be attributed to the IDM genre, often with a relaxed atmosphere and pleasant harmonies. Furthermore, the concept of the library is a little more open: in addition to smaller construction kits, which can be seen more as a song starter than as a complete solution, there are a variety of ambiences, that range from small, quiet atmospheric sounds to complex, chaotic sound structures. The library also shows the advantage of the included Elastik Player, which - in addition to quickly adjust the tempo - is able to extract individual areas of the complex samples thanks to the slope value of the filter with up to 72 db.

Furthermore you will find beautiful pads and pretty low key rhythms, but also quite the contrary. Many samples were created by using extreme manipulation and modification of afterwards not recognizable sounds. In addition to distortions and artifacts there are also a lot of  surprisingly harmonious sounds that create their own atmosphere. This can not be compared with your usual libraries.

(...) The 1 GB of new tone colors Art Of Sounds has to offer are quite unique. For sound twiddlers this library is a wonderful box of gems.


translated by Andreas Reinsch/Ueberschall