What people say

Here you find quotations from our customers.

"The Ueberschall library and Elastik have become a ‚cannot do without‘ tool kit."

- Alain Van Zeveren (composer)

"Ueberschall products are one of the most used and abused in my production."

- Aleksander Arsov (film musician)

"As always your products are absolutely first class."

- Allan Kilgour (music producer)

"I've used Ueberschall products for many years now, and have never been disappointed with their superb, high quality sounds."

- Arthur Stead (advertisment & film)

"What kind of brain does someone need to create something like this?"

- CoachingSongMukk (posted on youtube.com)

"I love your products (Elastik and loop collections)"

- Wayne Calabrese (music producer)

"Ueberschall - innovative products and sensational support"

- Urs "Urbi" Bissig

"Elastik is an amazing and very inspiring music software (...) And very important!! It is super FUN to work with!!"

- Ulises Lozano (Musician)

"You guys have one of the most useful products out there! (...) There was a learning curve, but now i use your plugin as my go to plugin."

- Tony Pappas (Singer Songwriter)

"Great creative tool, well recorded and very focussed."

- Simon Carpentier (Composer)

"Elastik is a cool loop player! Works very well."

- Ray McClain

"The new player is excellent. The manipulative tools are far more useable and the random function is just genius."

- Paul Baggott (Musician / Producer)

"Great versatile and high quality products with excellent support."

- Panos Couros (Sound Designer)

"I would , and do, recommend Ueberschall to others."

- Mike Cheney

"Great company, great products with quality and support that can't be matched in your field!! Thank you again."

- Luis Ortiz

"I really like Ueberschall's products sounds which are cool, profound and progressive."

- Kenichi Takano (Musician)

"If I need to get ideas together quickly to meet a deadline for a client, Elastik is now one of my 'go to' tools."

- John Walden (Musician / Composer / Journalist)

"Man the Elastik player is definitely one of the most innovative programs in music"

- javoutube1 (posted on youtube.com)

"Good products for daily use, nice service, nice people"

- Heiko Klüh (Composer / Sound Designer)

"Ueberschall gives me access to instruments that make my demo's sound better."

- Gordon Gray (Music Engineer / Producer)

"Ueberschall is one of the first companies that revolutionized the music industry by ideas, great samples , and great producers."

- Fayez Saidawi

"The samples are all outstanding quality and content/composition is intensely great. Instant fan now."

- Eric A. Dorman

"Version one was sick enough! This new look and all the new functions really make me happy! Very good!“

- Daydreamproducties (posted on youtube.com)

"Wow! Its not only a great collection of very usable samples but when combined with Elastik it allows for a multitude of of editing features."

- Dave Barber (Composer / Producer)

"I love the high quality of Ueberschall's products, the easy to use and very flexible Elastik player makes working with loops fun again, especially when arranging to picture."

- Barry Short (Audio Post Production)

"Elastik is one of the best pieces of software I have ever used. Can't praise it enough, if you're new to production get this in your arsenal."

- azza246 (posted on youtube.com)

"I have downloaded your player and in minutes started making the best music I ever have, the music I have always wanted to play, you know, I feel so good now."

- Robert Francesco

"I am incredibly impressed by your products. I feel your sample libraries will give my music the edge it needs!"

- Owen Sheppard

"The quality of the playing has meant that my productions have been able to include some really authentic solos. Elastik is such a brilliant tool."

- David Riggs

„Thanks so much for all help & professional approach! Thumbs up!“

- Jonas Nyström

„Your samples are so superior to what’s available these days, no one else is even in the same league or category.“

- Russ Burton

„Worlds best tool for music production“

- Anonymous (posted on youtube.com)

"It is real fun to work with. Also your libraries are awesome!! Never before it was so easy to and fast to create the sound you want and bring it into your context. Chapeau."

- Clemens Schaare