The Resource

The vintage mega-loop collection

10GB of beats, grooves, licks and chord patterns covering Pop, House, Disco, Soul, Funk, Rock, Latin and Jazz and with a massive dose of vintage feel.

Whether you are a busy media composer, music producer or songwriter looking for some classy inspiration, The Resource is the resource you need.

Various, Pop
10 GB, 16.370 Loops & Phrases
249.00 €
74.50 €
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Loop Library for the free Ueberschall Elastik Player
VST2/3, AU, AAX and Standalone for macOS and Windows

The Resource

The Resource; 10GB of beats, grooves, licks and chord patterns covering Pop, House, Disco, Soul, Funk, Rock, Latin and Jazz and with a massive dose of vintage feel. Whether you are a busy media composer, music producer or songwriter looking for some classy inspiration, The Resource is the resource you need. With over 2500 drum loops, a further 2300 percussions loops, a range of individual drum and percussion sounds, 2100 chord progressions created on fat and funky real instruments and nearly 5000 vintage-style licks and phrases featuring more than 20 different live instrument types from Fender Rhodes to the Flugelhorn, The Resource will keep you inspired and engaged. A mega-library of vintage musical magic at a bargain price and that’s ideal for exploiting the power of Elastik.

A massive collection of beats, grooves, licks and chord patterns

The Resource includes a huge drum section with 2500 Drum Loops, 2000 Percussion Loops and over 4500 Single Sounds. If you are in search for a certain style you will find it in this soundbank. The Resource features a whole range of genres such as Funk, House, Soul, Disco, Pop, Rock, Beat, DnB, 2Step, BigBeat through Electro, Metal, Real Drums, Breakbeat, Analog Drums , Vinyl Loops up to Latin-, African- and World Percussion.

The percussion section consists of the following instruments:

Tabla, Darbuka, Def, Zagat, Bata Drum Set (Ijeilu, Emelabo, Emelakos) Djembe, Kalabass, Bulu, Conga, Tumba, Bongo, Repique, Timbaleta, Tambourin, Campana, Claves, Guiro, Surdo, Tambor, Triangle, Agogo, Cuica, Tarabuka, Mrindangam, Bell.

Real instruments delivering real performances

More than 2100 chord progressions, recorded live on real vintage instruments. No quantization, no Soft-Synths - everything is fat, real and funky! 

Each chord progression is presented in several rhythmic variations. Stylistically, the bandwidth stretches from Pop, House, Disco, Soul, Funk, Rock up to Latin, Jazz and „Intro“-typical playing.

Furthermore this library, indispensible to any studio, contains grooving Vintage Licks & Phrases for all styles in the Club, Pop & Dance scene. 

The licks were played on more than 20 different live instruments by professional studio musicians.

basses: fingered bass, fretless bass, slapbass
guitars: acoustic/electric guitar
keys: Fender Rhodes, acoustic piano, Wurlitzer e-piano, Clavinet D6, organ B3, vintage synthesizer
brass/wind: trumpet, muted trumpet, flugelhorn, bariton- ,tenor-, alto-, soprano- saxophone, flute

A huge slice of vintage-styled musical inspiration

This soundbank comes with Ueberschall‘s Elastik. All names contain speed and root note information allowing for fast and easy navigation within a library. Time-stretching and pitch changes of loops can be performed easily and at highest quality using zplane‘s „élastique pro“ algorithm. All instrument loops within a construction kit can be transposed with no effort. Also, all drums of a library can be exchanged and combined with each other.

The attribute based browser with its clear layout enables access to all available loops with highest speed; across all installed Elastik libraries. With intuitive functions such as formant, resample, reverse and a multi mode filter, Elastik player allows fast music production but also offers free space to creatively manipulate loops.

Genre: Various

Elastik Soundbank for Mac & Win - AU/VST/AAX/Standalone

10 GB, 16.370 Loops and Phrases

Drum Loop: 1841
Drum Fill: 1
Acoustic Bassdrum: 299
Electronic Bassdrum: 634
Snare Acoustic: 439
Snare Electronic: 649
Rimshot: 58
Claps: 50
HiHat: 368
HiHat Closed: 747
HiHat Open: 270
Tom: 93
Cymbals: 212
Percussion: 3414
Shaker: 95
Electric Bass: 582
Sub Bass: 25
Electric Guitar: 1383
Distorted Guitar: 289
Acoustic Guitar: 365
Acoustic Piano: 505
Electric Piano: 1282
Organ: 751
Clavinet: 316
Synthesizer: 537
Hit: 21
Saxophone: 483
Trumpet: 368
Flute: 267
Electronic FX: 26
Atonal Noise: 47
Elastik 3 is the most powerful sample player that we have ever created. It provides a complete toolkit for modern music producers working with audio loops. Loops can be an essential part of many musicians creative process and, with Elastik, you get a fast, efficient and flexible set of tools. With its intuitive Loopeye editing environment, the high-quality pitch, key, scale and tempo manipulation algorithms and the huge collection of sample libraries spanning almost every musical genre, Elastik is a powerful workstation for loop-based music creation. It can be used either as a stand-alone application or as plugin within almost any DAW on both Windows and macOS.


The soundquality is very high and the single licks are diversified and inspiring.
The Resource is a good collection for a good price and gives a wide variation of loops to experiment with all night and day.
All in all The Resource is an extremly versatile enrichment for every audio library for a very good price.


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