80s Rock Riffs

The History Of The Rock: Part 3

If you combine an SG and a Superstrat, a room full of Marshall stacks, and let there be rock, what you get is 80s Rock Riffs. With powerhouse overdriven guitar tones, get ready to prove that rock and roll is nothing like noise pollution. This is the rock that filled the first decade of MTV, from the super-tight riffs of boys in black to the testosterone-fueled licks that would rock any cradle. 80s Rock Riffs will let you shoot to thrill.

80s, Rock
2.6 GB, 25 Construction Kits, 981 Loops & Phrases
49.00 €
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Loop Library for the free Ueberschall Elastik Player
VST2/3, AU, AAX and Standalone for macOS and Windows

Powerhouse Overdriven Guitar Tones

Featuring over 2.5 GB of samples composed of nearly 1000 individual loops, 80s Rock Riffs is organized into 25 musical kits. The 25 kits were recorded at tempos ranging from a rock-solid 80 BPM to an up-tempo 190 BPM. Each kit includes a main riff section and a dedicated outro section. The main riff loops are up to 24 seconds in length. With its powerful tempo and pitch manipulation features, Elastik makes it possible to combine riffs into longer arrangements even when they were originally recorded in different tempos or keys.

Amp And DI Versions Of All Guitars

Within each kit, three guitar parts are included. The first two provide doubled versions of the main riff while the third offers a complimentary part that is in a lead guitar style. All guitar parts are provided as both amp and DI versions for maximum mix flexibility. A separate stereo loop contains all three guitars panned left/right and center. This loop also includes effects for a mix-ready option. Bass and drum loops are also provided for both the main riff and outro within each kit. Both amp and DI versions are provided for the bass loops. A pre-mixed stereo drum loop is included alongside separate loops for bass drum (both mic in and mic out options), snare drum (with snare top, bottom and trigger provided), hihat, ride, toms, overheads and room mics enabling full control over the drum mix. This decade was when the world fully embraced digital recording and the CD, and the recording and mixing process used here were designed to reflect that change.

For Those About To Rock, 80s Style

80s Rock Riffs is a great complement to other titles within the Rock Riffs series as well as a number of our other rock themed titles such as Rock Classics and On The Rock. Whether you want to raise the horns, shake your head, or throw some shapes, 80s Rock Riffs will let you shoot to thrill.

The Rock Riffs Series

80s Rock Riffs is part of a four-part Rock Riffs series spanning different eras – 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s - within the history of rock guitar. The guitars remain the star of the show but each of the main riffs is complemented with full drum and bass parts for instant inspiration in a convenient 'Instrument Series meets Construction Kit' combination format.


All instruments played by Kai Reuter

Genre: 80s Rock

Elastik Soundbank for Mac & Win - AU/VST/AAX/StandAlone

2.6 GB, 25 Construction Kits, 981 Rock Loops & Phrases

Mix: 50
Guitar Mix: 50
Drum Loops: 50
Bassdrum In: 50
Bassdrum Out: 50
Snare Top: 44
Snare Bot: 44
Snare Trigger: 44
Hihats: 30
Cymbals: 37
Ride: 5
Toms: 27
Overheads: 50
Room Mic: 50
Electric Bass Amp: 50
Electric Bass DI: 50
Distorted Guitar: 150
Electric Guitar: 150
In addition to the pitch and tempo manipulation, Elastik’s central Loopeye is a detailed loop-editing tool. A large number of parameters can be adjusted, including slice-based pitch-shifting, volume and pan, reverse, formant, filter and resample. Elastik even includes a random sound replacement function called INSPIRE: one click on the Inspire button and Elastik will select an alternative loop, providing just that bit of additional inspiration when you need it. All this can be done on the fly and without leaving the Elastik environment. You can define which soundbanks will be used in the Inspire tool with the new Inspire browser.


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