David Milzow



There are not many young musicians who are so deeply involved in the great jazz saxophone tradition like David Milzow.
He blows the big sound of the Hawkins-Rollins-school, combines it with the virtuosity and the „chromatic approach“ of John Coltrane and Dave Liebman, is well known as a „multisaxplayer“ similar to James Carter and revitalize the “double horn”- playing of Rhasaan Roland Kirk.
David could get also a very good reputation by such different masters like Tom Scott, Dave Liebman and Sonny Rollins.


- Tom Scott about David Milzow´s playing in “Liquid Sax”:
"Someone finally got it right! That´s the best sampled sax I´ve heard to date."
-  Sonny Rollins after listening David´s CD “Next Channel”:
"Keep on playing, please."
- Dave Liebman at his Saxofonemasterclass near to New York:
 „...one of the gentlemen from Hannover/Germany brought an incredible piece and played it amazingly. We were like standing o 10´o´clock in the morning... So I asked if he would be able to play his solopiece, untiteled. I think it´s really great what he did.”

About ueberschall

“I´m happy to be a part– with my playing on LiquidSax and LiquidHornSection- of the ueberschall-family, which stays for a outstanding quality in the musicsamplerscene, All the best for the future” 

David Milzow